The differences for CO2 & Fiber laser

The differences for CO2 & Fiber laser

The differences between a CO2 & Fiber laser
1.    The cost of maintenance for machine:
CO2------The price of front lens and back lens are very expensive,and the Useful life of bearing form turbine motor is just 8000 hours,if you change it,and the cost will take 80000RMB per pair;
Fiber------It’s not need maintain for laser and beam propagation system. It have little power consumption when it be transfered by fiber-optic,and it can working in harsh environment,like dust,shocks,humidity,temperature etc.and it can still keep maximum inclusiveness.

2.    Processing cost;
CO2------when it’s working ,and it will take much more gas,and Convert ratio of laser Electro-Optics is just 8%-10%.
Fiber-----when it’s working,it will take little gas,and Convert ratio of laser Electro-Optics is more than 25%,that will save power.

3.    Technical:
CO2-----Steucture of CO2 laser is complexly,so the cost of maintenance for machine is high,the divergence of beams is large,it’s not suitable for working on large area.and working speed is very slower.
Fiber-----The advantage of Fiber laser include Modular design,plug and play,compact shape,install it conveniently.And its working speed is triple.and cutting surface is very smoothly;

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