【Project advantage】:The differences between a CO2 & Fiber laser

【Component parts】:The differences between a CO2 & Fiber laser

【Project advantage】:When look at a complete CNC cut project from start to finish, you can identify a series of major steps that will form the “Workflow” to complete it. Having a good understanding of this process will help you start to appreciate where the different software packages and setup procedures fit into the overall creation of parts. Below is an overview of the different stages.

【Component parts】:1.Concept;2.Design (CAD-computer Aided Design);3.Toolpaths(CAM-Computer Aided Manufacturing);4.Machining;5.Finish and Assembly;

【Project advantage】:Function of motors

【Component parts】:CNC motors are the heart of any CNC machine. The size and type of motor can define a CNC routers precision, speed, and accuracy. There are two primary classes of motors used on CNC machines, stepper motors and servo motors. Within these two classes there are several types.

【Project advantage】:DSP,NC studio,SYNTEC etc.

【Component parts】:The CNC controller is the brain of a CNC system. A controller completes the all important link between a computer system and the mechanical components of a CNC machine. The controller's primary task is to receive conditioned signals from a computer or indexer and interpret those signals into mechanical motion through motor output. There are several components that make up a controller and each component works in unison to produce the desired motor movement.

【Project advantage】:CAD Training

【Component parts】:We can provide a short or medium course on CAD drawing which will enable inexperienced persons to master the basics of 2D cad drawing.

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