Optical fiber marking machine

Optical fiber marking machine


Applicable industry:gold and sliver jewellery,sanitary ware,food packing,tobacco products,medicine packing,medical apparatus and instruments,watches and glassware,auto accessories,electronic hardware;
Applicable material:gold and silver,stainless steel,ceram,plastic,glass,stone,leather.cloth,bamboo etc.

  • Power 5W/10W/20W/30W/50W
    Laser wavelength 1064nm
    Beam quality M2 <1.5
    Laser output power 10%~100% Continuously adjustable
    Laser output frequency 20KHz~100KhzContinuously adjustable
    Power stability(8h) <±1%rms
    Focus spot diameter <0.01mm
    Marking type Dynamic marking/static marking
    Engraving area 110mm×110mm
    Optional range 50mm×50mm  110mm×110mm  200mm×200mm 300mm×300mm
    Marking depth ≤0.5mm
    Engraving speed 800 characters/second
    Minimum line width 0.012mm
    Minimum character 0.15mm
    Repeatability accuracy ±0.003mm
    Laser Original imported
    Operating system
    Cooling method Air-cooling
    Operating temperature 15℃~35℃
    Electricity demand 220V/Single phase 50Hz/<400W
    Laser life 100000 hour

  • Germany imported IPG fiber laser, life up to 100 thousand hours, the superior performance of the world ranking. The characteristics are as follows:
    1 high beam quality, as the fundamental mode output (TEM00), focal spot diameter is less than 20um. Diode pumped laser divergence angle is 1/4. Especially suitable for fine precision marking.
    2 small size, no high voltage, without large cooling system.
    3 small power consumption, the power consumption is less than 500W.
    4 with automatic focusing system, the overall structure of the integration, user-friendly operation more efficient and easier.
    5 high photoelectric conversion efficiency, integrated electro-optic efficiency as high as 20% or more, is a lamp pumped solid laser marking machine 1/10.
    6 without any maintenance, long service life, suitable for harsh environments.
    7 processing speed is fast, is the traditional marking machine 2-3 times, optical scanning mirror, laser repetition rate is high, high speed without distortion.
    8. Marking software, powerful, compatible with CorelDRAW, AutoCAD and other software files; support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, can be used directly SHX, TTF font; support automatic coding, printing serial number, batch number, date, bar code, two-dimensional code, automatically jump numbers, USB output control.
  • One sample: Cutting silicon

    Two sample:metal mark

    Three sample:leather engrave;

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