PD-1390 laser machine with double heads

PD-1390 laser machine with double heads



Applicable industries:advertsing,LGP,model,art and craft,leather,clothing;
Suitable material:Rubber,plastic,cloth,leather,wollens,crystal,organic glass,tille,jade,bamboo and wooden products,etc.

  • Working area 1300*900mm
    Machine area 1850*1250*1070mm
    Laser power 60W-100W*2
    Laser tube type Sealed CO2 glass laser tube
    Engraving speed 0-1000mm/min
    Cutting speed 0-400mm/s
    Reposition accuracy <0.01mm
    Consuming power ≤1500W
    Cooling type Water pump
    Working temperature 0-45℃
    Working humidity 5%~95%
    Driving system Stepper motor
    Supported file format PLT、DST、DXF、DWG、AI、LAS
    Compatible software AutoCAD、CorelDRAW
    Operation system DSP

  • 1.   DSP control system can continue and optimize the cutting speed,processing path,improve the working efficiency.the clearance compensation ensure the 
    processing quality;

    2.    The newest software is matched to AutoCAD.corelDRAW CAD and all other graphics processing software for outputting original graphics.Advanced color management supports any color and defines engraving sequence freely to realize one time or whole output.

    3.Double laser heads adopt the double linkage design,the distance bettween two heads can adjust freely.the laser heads can work at same time and respectively;

    1.    Can I make money with a laser ?
    Yes! Personalization and customization of products is in high demand. Adding a laser engraving service to your current operation is an excellent way to reach possible new customers as well as offer a valued service to your current client base.
    2.    What types of graphics can I engraving and cut
    You can engrave scanned photos, logos, bitmaps, other images, text, and AutoCAD files. Essentially, if you can print it, you can engrave it. 
    To cut, you will need a vector based graphic, such as an .eps or Illustrator file. 
    Keep in mind the higher the quality of the graphic you're working with, the better your engraving results.
    3.    Is the laser safe to operate?
    Yes, the laser is completely safe to operate. It is a Class 2 laser - 1mW CW Maximum 600-700 nm, which means that the laser is secured with interlock devices so it will not run with the doors of the system open. No special safety gear is required to run the laser.
    4.    How much does it cost to perate the laser?
    The cost of operating the laser can be easily figured out by plugging your electricity rates into the following formula using even our highest wattage laser, the 120 watt.
    Typical Max power consumption = 1560 Watts (This assumes full power, constant laser on.) If power costs $0.075/KWH in your area, it is costing $0.117/hour to operate the laser. Or, about 12 cents per hour, or 96 cents per eight hour day. (1560 x .075)/1000 = .117

    We are pleased to test and certificate even your material for its laser cutting ability.

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