RS-4040 CNC Machine For Aluminum Model

RS-4040 CNC Machine For Aluminum Model


These models are applicable for advertisement, double layer board and scutcheon,  department sign, badge and the architecture board, wood engraving, ABS brand, the engraving and cutting of acrylic, aluminum, brass, PCB,and the engraving on jade article.

  • model RS-4040
    X, Y working area 400*400mm
    Feeding height 150mm or other
    Table height 1000mm
    Table type Moving table
    Movement part TBI ball screws and rail linear bearing
    Driver and motor YAKO and stepper 
    Spindle power 2.2kw water cooling spindle
    Cooling system water pump or industrial chiller
    Spindle spped 24000RPM
    Control system DSP with USB port/Ncstudio 
    Command code G code,*mmg, *plt, *u00
    Working precision ±0.01mm/300mm
    Repeatability 0.05mm
    Lubrication system With
    Compatible software Type3/Artcam
    Voltage AC220V/50/60HZ,1Phs
    Tool box Collet ER16/20
    Engraving tool:3.175/4/6mm.Nut*2
    Water pump*2
    Power line and handle


  • 1.DSP A11 Controller
    Easy installation and operation;can be use without computer,Suitable for 3 axis/4 axis.
    U disk support, High degree of integration,High speed transfer with work offline.

    2.Yako 2811 Big Driver
    Owe to bipolar constant current chopper control of the driver circuit, the motor can run smoothly and hardly has any noise.Rising the voltage can greatly improve high speed performance and output torque of the motor.

    3.Water cooled spindle speed: 24000RPM, with low noise.Imported bearings, bearings with dust cover, more secure.This one is with no maintenance.

    4.Taiwan TBI gapless and high rigidity ball screws

    5.HIWIN linear orbit
    High precision,low noise, smooth transmission and smooth linear motion.


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