Multi-head CNC machine

Multi-head CNC machine


Lavge 8-head plane CNC engraving machine is mainly to slve the woodworking carving industry,inefficient problem,Two servo spindle motor at the same time greatly accelerate the efficiency of production,isthe woodworking carving industry is a good heler.Mainly for small and large flat areas carved wood craft.

  • Model RS-2025
    Working area 2000*2500*200mm/other size
    Transmission X/Y axis with helical rack,Z axis with TBI ball screw
    Guide rail Taiwn Hiwin brand
    Spindle power 2.2KW water-cooling spindle*8
    Spindle speed 24000r/min
    Max speed 35m/min
    Max Working speed 10~20m/min
    Working precision ±0.05mm
    Reposition precision ±0.005mm
    Driving system Delta servo motor/other servo
    Working voltage AC380V/3PH/50HZ or other
    Controller NC sutdio/syntec controller
    Frequency converter Delta brand
    Design software Artcam/TYPE3/CAD/CAM
    Command code G code*.u00*.mmg*plt
    Surrounding for sofware Windows2000/xp/7/10
    Lubrication system Automatic

  • 1.Ncstudio Controller
    Industry leading LEP intelligent velocity algorithm, really restore program machining trank. Make full use of CPU performance, with loading speed of DXF and ENG file much faster than competitors.

    2.Delta driver and motor
    Owe to bipolar constant current chopper control of the driver circuit, the motor can run smoothly and hardly has any noise.Rising the voltage can greatly improve high speed performance and output torque of the motor.

    3.Water cooling spindle 24000RPM,low noise,high accurancy,more secure

    4.Whole machine of high rigidity steel structure,ensuring equipment’s steadiness and bearing capability of high pressure.

    5.HIWIN linear orbit
    High precision,low noise, smooth transmission and smooth linear motion.



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